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Tired Of Losing?!?

Uncover Over 203 Opponent-Crushing Strategies And Game-Changing Tennis Secrets That'll Have You WINNING Tennis Matches Like Crazy!"

I'm Going To Show You How To Quickly and Easily Shatter Your Losing Streak Today - Using Tons Of Professional (...Once Hidden) Tennis Strategies That Your Next Opponent Is Praying You Never Find Out!

Coach, you definitely out-did yourself with this one. Thanks for giving me a sneak peak of this new resource. This stuff is amazing. It reminded me of so many things that kind of slip my mind sometimes.

I actually had some of my close friends on the pro tour listen to it. And they really enjoyed it too. Everything makes total sense!

This strategy series is definitely going to help many players get to that next level they so desperately want to get to.

           - Brittany Augustine, Tennis Pro





  • The mental secrets to dictating the tempo of any match (...even if you're a total beginner)
  • Tricks that'll keep your confidence at an all-time high when playing an opponent who is ranked higher than you  ( far) and may be more experienced.
  • How to use the element of surprise to confuse the player on the other side of the net every time you strike the ball!
  • And much more...

I'm Ready to Start Now!

Dear Friend,

Just by you reading this letter, I already know one thing about you. You want to play like the big-time pros on television, dominate every opponent you face,  and ultimately win more matches without all the headaches and racket-slams.

But you've probably tried so many things that just haven't worked; you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You just want the losing and feeling that you're wasting your time to stop more than anything else, and you should!

Because, let's be honest. No one likes to lose - especially to the players you know in your gut you're better than. In fact, losing while watching someone else celebrate, I believe, is one of the most heart-wrenching feelings in the world.

I mean, it makes you feel terrible because you're trying oh so hard, and you're just not seeing the winning results you want.

At times, it might have gotten so bad, you probably felt like giving up on the sport that you love all together, because it just didn't seem fun anymore (...just a whole bunch of negative messages like, "Why the heck didn't that go in?" and "This is just not my day!") swarming around in your head. Sound familiar?

But the truth is, you really love to play this great game of tennis, otherwise you would have stopped reading a long time ago. You love the rush of happiness and the feeling of accomplishment you get after a great victory!

Wouldn't it be great to experience that feeling more often? Heck yea... 

Well, don't worry. In just a few minutes, you're not going to feel this way about your game any longer and you're going to be able to bring the joy, happiness, and winning back to it by the boat load!

You know why?

"The Days Of Losing Are Over"

That's right, soon you're going to be able to win your next 35 matches in a row (...35-0) without even breaking a sweat.

I know this sounds unbelievable or like total b.s. And if I were sitting in your shoes, I'd probably think the same thing. But suspend your disbelief for a moment as this may be one of the most important letters you'll ever read.

Because I've got both good AND GREAT news for you!

The good news, you're definitely not alone. Frustration, from not reaching your full potential (...despite having put in hours upon hours of hard work), is a terrible problem that thousands of players encounter everyday in practice (...and yes) in tournament play as well.

And the GREAT news,  there is a simple solution that you can apply right away to see instant results!

So get this, I'm not to to waste your time with "fluff" - the things that will make little to no noticeable difference in your game. You've already lost enough time as it is.

I'm going to show you right off the bat, the quickest and easiest way to leave losing in the dust, beat the players who you've lost to (...over and over) in the past, and how to take your game to the next level - guaranteed!

Now let me tell you, you should really be excited because you're halfway there already. Oh yea, half of this battle is merely realizing that something needs to change.  So, great job.

My job is to show you what changes you need to make that'll turn losing streaks into winning streaks in the least amount of time.

And I'm here to tell you that what needs to change is NOT your mechanics: the height of your back-swing , how far to bend your knees, or to make sure you follow-through on each shot.

Don't get me wrong, those are extremely important. And you certainly won't get far without them. BUT...

Once you begin to develop a sense of "why" you're hitting shots instead of just blasting it anywhere you please and worrying about if had enough crease in your elbow, you'll definitely see a huge difference, TRUST ME!

Not only that, but by adopting the tennis secrets I share with you below,  you'll maximize your results in a lot less time. But to do that, you need to...


"Go Behind The Scenes"

When professional standout, James Blake, hits a great shot down the line to win the point, all you see is the amazing shot screeching across the net. Bam!

But do you ever really think about "why" he won the point or "why" he even hit the ball in that specific direction (cross-court vs. down the line)  or "why" he used that specific spin (top vs slice) to put himself in that kind of winning position.

You probably haven't spent much time thinking about such detail in your prior matches, have you?

Instead, what you end up saying to yourself is "Wow, he won another point!" or...

"Yikes, did you see how hard he hit that forehand?" And as a result of this type of thinking, your understanding of the game stops and leaves a giant pot hole in the road to getting better.

But hey, it's not your fault. You're a human being and visually oriented by nature.  Heck, we all enjoy being entertained and amused - especially by an earth-shattering power shot.

But even though this may be a natural response, all this is doing is threatening your game in the long run. You know why?

"This Is A Thinking Man's Game!"

Yes, a player that says, "All I need is my power, some descent technique, a good set of ground strokes, and I'll be fine" usually falls flat on their face when involved in a heated battle or against good competition.

Look, once you get to a certain level in tennis, almost anyone can hit a basic forehand or backhand and strike the ball hard if they want to. Everyone has one of those books telling them to extend on their follow-through.

In fact, I see tons of players who are technically and fundamentally sound, but still aren't seeing the kind of success that they're happy with.

So that stuff isn't your problem. 

If that was the case, you wouldn't be here, and literally everyone would be able to nab a top world ranking and  hoist championship trophy above their head - but that's not "tennis reality."

Now, don't misunderstand me.  Camping out in the weight room to get stronger and hitting a ton a balls from the machine you rented at the local club are good... just not good enough for the kind of results you're aiming for.

Those things aren't the difference makers here.

So... what really separates the club players from the pros -  the champs from the runner-ups?  What makes
them great and can make you great too?

Their secret is rooted in their...

Game Plan: Your game plan is the series of strategies and techniques (...i.e. weakness exploitation, shot selection, weakness protection, decision making ability, court movement, spin use, counterattacks, mental toughness, setup positioning and recovery positioning etc.) that the sport's best use to constantly to place their opponent in uncomfortable situations so they can emerge victorious!

These, my friend, are the greatest un-equalizers.  

Having a strategic game plan is something all the players who win consistently possess. 

And when you add that to YOUR game, you'll have the much needed guide or roadmap you need to professionally navigate through an entire match - all the way to the trophy case.

It's what provides you that sense of purpose and direction so you're not out there running around like a chicken with your head cut off!

You won't get frustrated or confused.  You'll be able to find the right shots for a specific situation and get in the proper positioning you MUST have (...point after point) to get the victory.

Because you see, despite the disbelief on the part of some, rarely do many shots come to you by accident in a tennis match. Everything is very calculated and strategic. 

For example, if your opponent hit a ball to you out wide, he did it for a specific reason - a real purpose. He did it to take you off the court, leaving it wide open for a wicked approach shot or one that ends the point right away.

This type of "strategic thinking" and "shot execution" is going on all the time in the thoughts of today greatest players.

Their minds are actually working 3.5 times faster than their bodies so they can set up points well in advance.  This is really what even makes the physical stuff, like a bone crushing ace or a blistering forehand winner even possible. It gets them in the "winning position" to hit the "winning" shot.

Oh yes, the great ones are smart. They just don't come into a match cold. They come prepared.

Champions like Roger Federer, the Williams sisters, and Andre Agassi set up their points ahead of time, plan each shot well in advance and are very methodical in their approach.

They know the DOs and DONTs and definitely the whys.

But you what, so can you! Who says only the players making the big bucks get to have all the fun?!?


"Hey, I'm Glad I Can Finally Meet You..."

My name is Brian Hall, and I've been playing this sport relentlessly for the last 21 years and took part in the UCLA Tennis Academy for an additional 2 years, and loved every minute of it. 

Throughout my tennis career, I've been privileged to study and practice under one of the premiere coaches who helped train the great Pete Sampras and the Williams Sisters in their early development.  And I've been blessed to play on the same court as some of the most fine-tuned tennis players I've ever seen.

Thank you coach for the great tips that me and my dad (coach) listened too and are definitely going to apply to my game mentally and physically.

P.S. When I someday win the Australian Open? I will put you in my acceptance speech for giving those five tips that me and my dad know will help my game a lot!

- Sheila

The best part is, I learned a ton of winning concepts along the way that helped me improve my game. The things that work - things that I would have never picked up if I was on the outside looking in.

I was given a tremendous opportunity to be on the inside, looking in - even deeper. That's where I found out how strategy was such an important part to winning.

And when that happened, it was over! I inhaled it all: professional gaming secrets, tips, and tricks I had never really been exposed to when I first started. I was actually shocked about how hush-hush everything was.

And if you ask any of my inner circle, they'll tell you I'm quite a talker and I love to tell people the stuff I've learned so they too can feel the same rush of success.. 

That's when I got in to teaching players 1-on-1. But shortly after, I felt that I wanted to do more.

So, I started a virtual camp online to help as many players as I could. And since then, I've been blessed to hear the success stories from literally hundreds players like you that have really seen some awesome results.

But though players were happy with their development, the serious ones wanted more! So in order to do that, I had to raise the bar a couple notches, 18 to be exact!

So, after literally 2 decades of keeping it all in, I just couldn't take it anymore... I had to let all the juicy stuff out - the real stuff - the stuff that's going to have you winning matches like crazy!

And this is the result!


Introducing THE Most Complete Strategy "Super Course" That Will Take Your Game To The Next Level By Teaching You What Goes On Behind The Scenes And By Answering Some of The Most Sought After Questions That Are Constantly On Every Competitive Tennis Players Mind!


For the last 2 years, I've literally been locked in a studio that I've filled over time with every
tennis resource you could imagine: videos,
books, interview transcripts from some of the top players, practice sessions, the works.

Then I took tons of those game-changing ideas and fused them together with my two decades of personal insider's experience to create the ultimate and most complete strategy program I've ever seen. Yes... A whopping 18 H-O-U-R-S!  It's a Powerhouse.

It took  quite a while to complete, but it's definitely worth the wait!  I was able to literally pour out nearly everything that I've learned through the last 20 years of my tennis career and left virtually no question unanswered.

I'm talking about a countless number of the most widely used but hardly talked about tactics and strategies that have already helped mold hundreds of players just like you into some of the most gifted champions on the court today.

I'm going to take you by the hand and show you how to master the arts of court vision, weakness exploitation, ball placement, spin, shot selection, skill adaptation, confidence, court movement, setup & recovery positioning, and whole lot more - all step-by-step.

And no... this isn't just tons of biographical related facts on the trophies and championships I was blessed and fortunate enough to win. How would that help? It wouldn't. That would be outright bragging and a huge waste of your time.

This resource is for and about you.  And giving you these great gifts, and really making your game better is the #1 priority!.

At TMC, we "teach," first and foremost before anything else. Now, other resources make an attempt to teach , but they go about it the wrong way.

They are  telling you what to do, but rarely ever explain what's behind it, so you get a solid understanding of why you're doing certain things. See, we don't want you out there like a mindless zombie.

With that said... I wanted to make this unique on many different levels. In this one, you get the best of all worlds. The "how," the "when," and the "why." 

And guess what, you don't have to keep coming back for more every few months when other parts of your game need a boost ( you would with others) either.

Who wants to sit and wait?  That only slows down your learning process. That's why I decided to stuff everything you need to get the job done right here in this 1 massive collection.

This is definitely the most complete set I've seen, and designed to make you the complete player so you can be competitive.   Hey, you deserve it!

Now, to tell you the truth, this course was scheduled to be about 4 hours long. We thought it was more than enough time to get our ideas across. But since TMC and I wanted to give you the strongest and most powerful tennis resource to date, we kept adding more and more great content - without really watching the clock.

 And when we finally finished, we ended up with a jaw-dropping 19 hours of instruction (...and remember it was only supposed to be around a 4-hour course)!

That's right, that's close to 5 TIMES more than we had originally planned.  And compared to what you'd be paying in extra coaching fees, professional practice sessions, transportation, equipment, and even more lessons (...just to re-learn the same things), this nearly 19 hour Tennis Mind Camp Strategy Secrets 101 "Super Course" is an absolute steal! if you're really looking for a no-nonsense approach to improving your complete tennis game, I can whole heartedly say your search is over...

Your time is now to turn this thing around and really enjoy this sport with win after win after win.


Yes, I'm ready to reserve my course now
(or keep reading for additional information)



"Reserve Your Copy Of The
Tennis Mind Camp Strategy Secrets 101 Series Today!

         This  7-part Tennis Mind Camp Strategy Secrets 101  is built  into 7 sections and will uncover nearly everything you need to know to start thinking about  and playing the game like never before.

From professional shot selection to war-like weakness exploitation, and point constructing techniques, you'll get an all inclusive step-by-step formula  on the what, how,  and "WHY" of playing tennis.


Here's what you'll get (brief descriptions):

Weakness  Exploitation 101: In this section, you'll explore tons of new ways to erase the biggest strength and magnify the greatest weaknesses of every player you face.

By then end of this section, you'll have the tools to simplify each match and win them easier than ever before.

"Just play your game, and you'll be fine."  Sound familiar?  Though it's true, it's only 50% of the needed mindset. And 50% isn't good enough.

If you want to win more matches, you have to be able to analyze your opponent's game (...both strengths and weaknesses) as well as you're own.

No player is invincible.  Every player has holes in his/her game, and it's your job to find them.  This is the absolute core of how strategy works.

And by using the weakness exploitation techniques in this section, you'll get the modern day cheat-sheet to pinpointing these specific flaws and making your opponent pay for it every time.

As a result, everything will be much less complicated, even easy! Matches will be shorter, you'll save much needed energy,  and your winning percentage will go through the roof!

And the best part, it only takes 5 min to figure out.  :)

You'll also...

  • Learn the 4 keys to sniffing out and exploiting your opponent's weaknesses before he even takes his first swing!
  • Discover the sport's 2 biggest shots that are guaranteed to do severe damage to 97.3% of your opponents and appear on their "Any shot but that shot list!"
  • How to drive your opponent crazy by using his own attitude against him in 5 easy ways you probably never thought of! No, it's not very nice, but it does make winning a whole lot more fun!
  • Learn the science to differentiating between a player's flat-out weakness and a common human/player mistake. There's a very specific number that can clear this up for you and give you yet another mental advantage over your opponent! I'll give the answer and explain it all in detail!
  • Learn how to tackle the myth of the unstoppable and the invincible player and find out if they really do exist!
  • Understand why the best time to expand your player analysis and how to really get the goods on your opponent before the match even starts!
  • Be the exception and take a toll on your opponent's physical side by using 3 of the most effective but overlooked strategies that so many players take for granted! Don't miss a great opportunity.
  • How to determine exactly how much time you should spend on your central strategy before you consider changing your plan of attack. There is an ultra specific cut off point where this MUST happen - 1 game too soon or 1 game too late can quickly spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!
  • And much more!


"The way you put it was so easy to understand"

"I was able to see my game improve right away!"

Hi there,

This is Rupen.  One of my biggest concerns as a player was knowing what shot to hit and the best tiiiiiiime to hit it. I seemed to always put myself in the worst possible position and ended up losing the point almost everrrry time!

Then it would make me a second late on everything because I would always think too much before hitting it.

Woosh! Things are different now, thank God.   I'm happy to report that I've kissed that horrible stuff goodbye. Thanks for helping me see the light. The way you put it was so easy to understand, I was able to see my game improve right away.

I'm loving it, but my friends don't like it as much :).




Baseline Battleground 101: Inside this section, you'll take out the guesswork and discover the behind-the-scenes formula to hitting the right shot to the right location on every point, EVERY time, when at the baseline.

In the end, you'll have what it takes to literally have fun running your opponent ragged, leaving him winded and completely out of gas. 

The baseline is the zone where you start the building and developing of your points. So, you definitely have to know what you're doing back there. If not, you'll get crushed. Point blank.

There are so many angles (down the line, cross court, inside out), shots (backhand, forehand, drop shot, lob), and spins (slice, topspin). Now, these are all great weapons to have in your arsenal, but knowing when to use them is the part that is the most critical.

This is where a lot of players make their biggest mistake. They end up hitting the wrong shot at the wrong time. Yes, it looked wonderful going over the net, but that feeling quickly dies if you lose the point 2 seconds later.

But don't worry, if you've suffered from indecision or randomly executing shots without purpose, this section will tackle this and everything else you need to know about hitting from the baseline head on.

In fact, you'll be able to...


  • Easily diagram the ultimate shot perimeter that'll NEVER allow your opponent to approach the net!

  • Never "guess" wrong again - and secure your game with the result-generating philosophy for the #1 most asked question in tennis today, when to hit down the line and when to smack it cross-court!
    This is a BIG ONE.

  • Understand the mental equation that tells you when to go for the high-powered knockout blow and when to go for the high percentage look! This is one of the most asked about and debated questions in the game, and once I unveil the answer to you, you'll instantly start winning more matches..

  • Learn how to triple your baseline consistency and outlast your opponent on nearly every rally!

  • Learn how to surprise your opponent by keeping your biggest baseline weapons hidden from your opponent and find out the perfect time to use them! This makes it very difficult for your opponents to get both feet under them because they never really know what to expect from you.

  • Adopt the tricks behind the baseline dominance of three of the sports top players: Gael Molfins, Venus Williams, and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga!

  • Learn the specific shots to use both on the offensive end and when you're on the ropes!

  • Understand how offensive and defensive stance, court movement, and positioning on the court will have you winning more points right away.

  • It's not Christmas time.  Prevent yourself from giving away free points by hitting the one shot that's been tested and proven to result in an error almost 100% of the time! It's more likely to snow in Miami Beach than be effective on the court, but we all TRY to hit it anyway!

  • By looking at real-life match scenarios, you'll learn the tactical advantages and disadvantages of the 2 most popular baseline stance positions known to man.  And find out the best time and worst time in the point to use each one!

  • Learn how to quickly send your opponent flying just from the direction you decide to point your toes!

  • There are 3 important rules you must follow if you want to be successful at the baseline and get some great foundation. Uncover them all, and boost your performance by at least 47% almost instantly!

  • Many people say "always run back to the center." That's not a true statement. There are a few places where it can get you killed. I'll tell you everything you need to know to keep that from happening!

  • Dive into (...once private) scientific test results and get little known facts that'll dramatically enhance your ball directional and navigational skills!

  • Differentiate between both the forced and unforced error concepts. Many people use the terms but really have no idea what they mean. I'll give you all the juicy details to make sure you don't make either!

  • How to slice your opponent's recovery time by 77% by creating the illusion that your shots are coming twice as fast as they really are!

  • Adapt to the unexpected and understand the key to constructing winning shot patterns completely on the fly!

  • Give yourself the amount of  room the pros use to operate by expanding your court target to an area of _________. This  specific ____  by ____ cushion will allow you to be twice as aggressive and follow through on your shots without having to be absolutely spot-on every time!

  • No late arrivals! Sharpen your setup and recovery senses and be able to anticipate where the next ball will be coming before it's even hit!

  • How to escape one of the sport's biggest baseline traps and avoid coming down with did-you-see-that syndrome! It's very common and is quite contagious. If you catch it, your game could die!

  • How to achieve solid GSP (good shot positioning) and eliminate open court opportunities as you're constructing the point!

  • By analyzing various on-court examples, you'll be able to quickly and easily slide to the ideal position, no matter which side your opponent chooses to direct his ball! You'll be ready for EVERYTHING!

  • Stay on point and never miss a beat throughout this step by step process with multiple TMC question and answer sessions that make sure everything is sinking in!

  • How to finish your opponent off with a shot that less than 3% of the tennis world can even think of coming back from. There's a beginner's version and one for the advanced players... I explain both in great detail!

  • And much more!



"Since discovering the Tennis Mind Camp website..."

 "...I have never stopped benefiting from the great advice given by Brian and the TMC team!"

Since discovering the Tennis Mind Camp website, I have never stopped benefiting from the great advice given by Brian and the TMC team.

My game improved drastically since applying his tips.

This sport is full of subtleties and boy, he dug deep to bring us the elements of the game we often neglect.

This is a one-of-a-kind resource. And I believe every passionate player should use it. I'm sure it'll improve your game too. I'm grateful to Brian and to his dedication for tennis. Thanks!  



Attacking The Net Warfare  101 - In this series, you'll be able to master tons of angles on the approach shot, seamlessly adjust and adapt to the various covering positions, and give your volley game the huge boost it needs!

By the end, you'll be able to accurately finish off your opponent at the net and defend volleys that come to your left, right, and even directly into your body, even if the ball is coming back more than 100 mph.!

If you want to be successful in this sport, then you're going to have to learn how to play at the net. No "ands" "ifs" or "buts" about it. I mean, you can't win ALL your points back by the baseline.

But to be honest, do you even really want to feel pinned down and bullied into one area? Of course not.

Because if you sit there and  continue to let your volley game be one of your weaknesses, you're really going to suffer. Your opponents are just going to bring you to the net and exploit it all day long.

And it shouldn't be that way.  After all, statistics show that shots at the net make up more "winners" than anywhere else on the court. Go figure :).

In this series, you'll...

  • Intensify  your volley coverage by guessing right on which side to cover more than 89% percent of the time!
  • Incorporate both the old school and the new school version of the volley approach that'll give you a huge advantage, despite your opponent's preferred style of play!
  • Learn the secret bait and switch technique that'll sucker your adversary and set you up for the quick kill!
  • Learn how to avoid getting caught in "No Mans Land," and find an easy way out with one quick move!
  • Understand which spot on the court has the highest percentage of going in and avoid the horrible volley dead zones.
  • Adopt the special equation that easily helps you determine the right time to both rush the net and when to stay back with 100% certainty  -  Believe me, this is critical. Pick the wrong one, and you could be eating a green felt sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • Understand the differences between the swing volley strategy vs. the half volley weaponry, and the proper time to use each one!
  • Learn how to dominate two key styles of play with the unique advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the baseliner-volleyer relationship!
  • Use 3 TMC secret clues to find out your opponents next move before he does, and finally how to develop close to perfect recovery!
  • Learn a strategic move that'll really make or break your whole volley attack! If you don't have this, it'll be a totally wasted trip!
  • Learn how to shave off valuable seconds from your recovery and reaction time by simply using your ears!
  • Allow yourself to make last second changes on your volleys without losing any of your balance.
  • Learn how to develop a distinct balance of power and aggression to make sure you never over-hit your volleys or get out of control!
  • Learn how to bulk up your net resistance and erase the fear and the pressure of getting passed or even hit by a passing shot!
  • Identify and avoid the location that leaves tons of players in a situation that's almost impossible to recover from; a.k.a the "black hole" of tennis!
  • And much more!


"This was definitely a no-brainer kind of deal.
Game-Altering and Cheap!"

 "...Now, I am now easily beating the players that used to give me total fits!"

This was definitely a no-brainer kind of deal.  Game-Altering and Cheap! When reading about it and hearing the description, I thought it was going to be something outrageous like over $500.

But I'm so glad I was wrong! All it took was the money I would normally use to buy a sweatshirt at that mall or two tickets to a movie. Now, I am easily beating the players that used to give me total fits!

Thanks to Brian and TMC, I have learned how to master my tennis game both physically and mentally. I know a lot more about bisecting angels, driving my opponents crazy by getting in their heads early and often and knowing what shots to use when, for different stages of the match, and it's great!  I recommend SS101 to all competitors serious about their tennis game.

- Melba


Superior Serving Strategies 101 - In this section, you and I are going to delve deep into the serve and reveal the secrets to making this shot really work for you and give your opponent nightmares (...where to serve the ball, what types of serve to use in specific situations, how to disguise the serve to catch your opponent off guard, and more).

This is the most important offensive shot in the game by far! Why? Not only is it the first shot hit in 50% of your points, but it's the shot where you're in total control and your opponent has almost zero say.

When serving, you're the big kahuna!   And I'm telling you, that's simply too big of an advantage to give up. So, you want to make sure you do it right.

You see, everything in the serve means something: the speed (power or not) , the spin (top vs. back), the toss (high, low, in front, or behind you), the score (winning or trailing),  etc.

In addition to learning the ideas mentioned above, you'll also...


  • Diversify your game with 3 types of serves that are sure to give your opponent nightmares long after you've won the match!

  • Learn how to slash the break points you face by 50% by uncovering the equation the pros use that best determines whether you should hit a particular serve or not. NO MORE GUESSING!

  • Discover the critical but hardly talked about differences between serving to the ad side and the deuce side of the court! One small trick will have you consistently winning games regardless of the side of the court you're on - guaranteed!

  • Guarantee yourself the best possible start to every match by knowing when to serve first and when you should elect to receive! This may very well surprise you!

  • Revolutionize your serve strategy by applying my own personal trick I've used in hundreds of matches to figure out the perfect serving stance no matter the opponent. I'll teach you why setting up in this special place against every opponent can literally spell ace city!

  • Learn how to determine the perfect serve (...kick, slice, or flat)  to hit on every point just by looking at where your opponent puts his feet!
  • Learn how to shorten the time it takes to get to net when executing the serve and volley simply by changing your______!
  • Learn how to handcuff your opponent with a serve that's been designed to cut off all  possible angles at the same time! This one is definitely as powerful and as awesome as it sounds!
  • Double your serving percentage by having the net do all the work!
  • Learn 3 new ways to making your 1st serve even more difficult for your opponent to lock in on and return with any consistency!
  • Don't give your opponent time to relax. Add twice the bite to your second serve and make it just as or even more effective than your 1rst one! This way, you'll have your opponent shaking in their boots throughout your entire service game!

  • And so much more!


I was skeptical in the beginning, but having a guarantee really calmed my nerves...

 ...Now, Iím recommending it to all my league players. Except the ones I want to beat, just kidding!"

Hi TMC,  

I was skeptical in the beginning, but having a guarantee really calmed my nerves. I decided to do it because I realized that I really had nothing to lose at all.

If I didn't learn anything new and win more matches, I could get all my money back. Oh, and most places out there just want to rush you and only give you like 7 days at the most to check it out. Here I got 12 weeks!

But the best part was, it only took a 3 weeks to really sink my teeth into every second of it and realize how powerful it was. I didn't feel rushed at all and definitely am much more confident when I'm playing now.

So, thank you for this amazing collection Brian! I was really struggling with my footing and coordination; however after getting your product, it made that problem a thing of the past.

Now, I'm recommending it to all my league players. Except the ones I want to beat, just kidding!

- Johnny


Rock Solid Returns 101 - In this section, we're going to give you an in-depth look on everything you need to know about bulking up your return strategy.

You're going to learn everything from choosing the appropriate grip for your particular game style, how to win the mind game that goes on between you and the server, how to master the techniques like the powerful chip and charge, to understanding the proper positioning you need to succeed against any serving style that could be coming your way. And a whole lot more!

The return of serve is one of the most neglected shots in the game today. Too many players are concentrated on the serve only.

Sure, the serve, is important, but if you have a below-average return game, you're leaving out a huge chunk of what you MUST have if you want to win matches.

So, don't try to follow the crowd because you'll get beaten just like everyone else.
Instead, you need to work on being the exception if you want to be an exceptional player!

That's why I recorded this series so you could take your return game to the next level and avoid this type of strategic trap!

You'll learn everything you need to have a rock solid return game and even some gems from Andre's arsenal  like...

  • How to destroy your opponent's confidence by neutralizing one of his biggest serving weapons and breaking it into tiny pieces!
  • How to shock your serving opponent by consistently returning his speedy (...and aggressive) serve with ease!
  • How to develop ideal court positioning and racket preparation for point-specific return situations that you're guaranteed to face in literally every match you play!
  • Explore the special strategies needed for returning different serving styles: Including the slice, the kicker, and the flat bomb!
  • Learn the smart way to take advantage of your opponent's pitiful 2nd serve to the point where he'd rather hit it out than hit it to you again!
  • Learn how to enhance your game with a professional grade of footwork and movement that'll help maximize your court coverage while maintaining superb balance.
  • Get a great first step by using unique clues to accurately spot what type of serve your opponent will execute before he even strikes the ball!
  • Learn the secret to successfully executing the highly popular Double C technique. This will allow you to follow up your return with some authority and get yourself in an offensive court position almost immediately!
  • Learn how to tranquilize the serve and volley technique and stop the server dead in his tracks with a small step in a very specific direction! This will transfer the momentum right back to you!
  • Identify the distinct differences when returning from both the deuce and ad sides of the court! Oh yes, they are very different. If you approach them the same way, you're going to be in deep trouble!
  • Learn how to develop picture-perfect technique and experience rock-solid results like some of the biggest names on tour!
  • Learn how to win the silly but powerful mind game by creating a mental mismatch that's guaranteed to confuse your opponent by continuously throwing him off balance for the entire match. You'll have him (or her) seeing double, questioning their sanity, and losing valuable confidence, all at the same time!
  • Examine the subtle differences between all three major return grips and determine which is best for your individual style of play!
  • Easily alternate between grips without losing a beat during the course of a point! Sometimes, it can be pretty tricky to switch your grip while moving at high speeds, but this trick will make that a thing of the past!
  • Learn how to re-vitalize your recovery positioning on your return and know exactly where you need to be to set up a brilliant string of offensive responses. What's wrong with commanding the point from start to finish? Nothing :)!
  • And much more!


This TennisMindCamp site has helped bring me
into the level of no return...

... It really helped me think about my game to find otherís weaknesses and my strengths!"

I'm an accomplished tournament player but this TennisMindCamp website has helped bring me into the level of no return.

Now Iím able to beat top ranked people in the country like: Max Cancilla, Eric Nguyen, and Parker Glore mainly because of the fitness help and mental concentration from this website.

It really helped me think about my game to find otherís weaknesses and my strengths!




Specialized Strategies For Special Situations 101: In this section, I'm going to show you how to play outside the norm and prepare your game for some major exceptions that a lot of times are beyond our control!

We're going reveal to you ( great detail) how to withstand the wicked weather conditions ( the wind and extreme heat), help you understand the striking differences between all 3 major court surfaces, and show you how to equalize the playing field against the awful lefty. 

It's ok to be able to play under the ideal circumstances... You know, great weather, your favorite type of surface, and your favorite style of play.

But there are going to be days where this sport is going to throw a curve ball that you never saw coming. And if you're not prepared, it's going to get really rough, really fast.

I mean, do you know what to do when the wind really picks up out of nowhere or when the weather guy said cloudy but it ends up being 120 degrees out there on the court?

What about when you find out your opponent is a darn "lefty" only moments before the match starts? Do you know how to handle it?

Things can change in the blink of an eye, and it's your job to be ready for them.  It's your ability to rise up and play well despite these types of abnormal (...often surprising) circumstances that separate the good players from the phenomenal ones and will help distinguish you from the rest of the pack out there.

Soon, you'll have all these secret strategies, not to mention...

  • Discover the 2 quickest ways to yank a "pusher" out of his comfort zone so that he's the one going crazy instead of the other way around!

  • Get a behind the scenes view of why using your favorite shot can kill your chances against a pusher instead of help them.

  • Uncover the 3 key questions you need to ask yourself to mentally prepare you for the infamous pusher!

  • Learn how to crack the pusher code with 5 simple tricks to send him running for the exits!

  • Learn how to neutralize the hated "high-looping" moon ball and shift the momentum of the point back in your favor with one of the easiest shots in the book!

  • Overcome the anxiety and other often crippling mental disadvantages many players suffer from when playing a lefty. (This is always a dramatic difference maker in the match).

  • Learn how the net can give you an unfair but legal advantage against "paceless" players. Two against one is ok here. I promise.

  • Learn how to multiply your number of break chances against a lefty opponent simply by taking away his favorite serving location!

  • Find out how trying to hit to the "opposite" side on your shots can actually be devastating to your chances at getting the win!

  • Learn the perfect place to direct your lobs against Mr. Southpaw. This trick will make sure this shot lands to his weak spot. When I tell you, you're really going to be surprised.  But it will by no means be a "pie in the sky."

  • Learn how to undo your deeply rooted (...right-hander) programming and avoid helplessly hitting your shots into the lefty's favorite spot with the help of a secret "match-changing" mantra the pros use. This is one of the biggest challenges right-handers face. But after I explain it, you'll be one of the rare exceptions.

  • Learn how to effectively counter the lefties often damaging forehand shot into the corner and leave him completely powerless! (This is almost always his most impacting shot on the ground; But take this away, and you'll improve your chances at winning by more than 200%)

  • Get a detailed illustration of the rules and reasons behind hitting both the defensive and the offensive lob by looking at real live game situations. Sadly, a lot of players don't know there is a difference. It's very subtle but so very important!

  • Discover the rare case where the lowest percentage play against a lefty can actually maximize your winning percentage on a consistent basis. It's tricky the way it works, but boy does it pay off!

  • Learn how to give your lefty a lethal dose of deception that'll have him seeing double, questioning his own sanity, and possibly cause a complete mental collapse! This type of mental control you gain will not only give your opponent hell, but your confidence will be on another planet!

  • Learn the secret to "faking" your way to victory only to hear the thunderous clapping and loud cheers because you did! You'll learn to be sneaky... and it's totally in the rules.

  • Learn the specific adjustments you need to make when playing with the wind vs playing against it. If you reverse the two by mistake, your balls will be sailing long and landing short - Two BIG negatives.

  • Play top-notch tennis despite horrible weather conditions like the wind and the boiling sun!

  • Learn how to slice the number of your unforced errors in half even as the wind picks up.  And turn what could be a major weakness into one of your biggest strengths!

  • Determine the perfect time to play it safe and when to let it rip. Sometimes you want to use the winds help while other times you need to plow through it. It's a very delicate line between the two!

  • Make sure your toss is always stays on target - never blowing
    behind your head or too far in front of you with 1 very key change!

  • Develop a professional hydration routine that's guaranteed to keep you running like well-oiled machine even if you're playing in Las Vegas during the Summer time!

  • Never be blinded again. Learn how to execute a perfect serve even if you're forced to look directly into the sun.

  • Get the be all and end all answer to the water vs. sport drinks debate. Know which one your body will respond to the quickest and produces the best overall results!

  • NO MORE playing in the dark. Realize the 3 most toxic ingredients to avoid giving your body on scorching match day. These kill your reaction time, keep you sluggish, and will really.. really.. ruin your chances!

  • Find out the quickest way to force your opponent into early match retirement by using only 2 shots!

  • Regulate your body temperature so you don't tragically overheat as the match grows long!

  • Learn the secrets to taking your game to the next level on both fast and slow courts!

  • No more guessing! Learn what kind of shots are most effective on slower courts like clay and grass and the ones that are literally a waste of your time and energy!

  • Capture the strategies and types of strokes that have the highest impact when playing on harder faster courts as well as what you have to be on the alert for if you want to come out on top the majority of the time!

  • Identify the court surface that'll personally give you the greatest chances at getting the win even if you've never set foot on it before!

  • Understand why certain styles of play excel on certain court surfaces while others fail miserably!

  • And much MORE!

Dynamic Doubles Strategies 101 - In this section, you'll be able to incorporate tons of awesome strategies used by one of the top  doubles teams around.

I dedicate almost 2 hours to ripping apart the art of movement, net and baseline coverage, how to develop top notch chemistry with your partner, and tons of other concepts.  Everyone is definitely going to want to be on your team when it's over!

To be successful in doubles, you MUST have a doubles mind set.  Playing as individuals WON'T work. Just like when playing a lefty, it's totally different.  Try it, and you'll lose, Guaranteed! With this series, I teach you how to think and play the RIGHT way, showing you show to...

  • Create a dominant doubles team using the criteria of the pros to select the perfect partner for your style of play!
  • Discover the ultimate way to communicate the direction of your serve and design an entire point without saying a single word!
  • Protect you and your partner against the hole that'll cripples literally every team you play against no matter how skilled they are!
  • Confuse the other team and learn how to speak a language that no one else in the world can understand but you and your partner!
  • Uncover the secret to building perfect team chemistry so that you never feel confused or out of sync again!
  • Master the infamous poach technique, and gain an advantage so powerful your opponent will be begging you to stop!
  • Understand how the impact of  your first serve in doubles can give you an express ticket to a much easier victory!
  • And much more!


"Serious Player" Super Bonus #1 ($50 Value)

Weakness Protection 101 - True, you have weaknesses, every player does. But you don't have to give your enemy (opponent) the freedom to pummel you to death.

In an additional 30+ minutes, I'm going to go over with you the quickest and easiest ways to shore up some of those holes and protect yourself against getting caught in a weakness whirlwind. 

  •  You'll  learn the secrets to protecting your own flaws, making it difficult for your opponents to take advantage.
  • You'll learn how to disguise your own weaknesses with "special cover-up" techniques and get the other player to hit it directly into your sweet spot every time!
  • I'll show you a full-proof tactic to making sure your opponent can't attack your second serve!
  • And a lot more!"Serious Player" Super Bonus #2: A Live Training Session With One Of The Hottest Young Tennis Players On Tour!   ($57 Value).

Thanks to new technology and months of working around practice schedules,  you'll be able to interact live with one of the most promising young players on the pro circuit today!

You'll get a virtual all-access pass to what really goes on in the professional ranks. Sure, you can learn plenty from books and teaching videos, but there's nothing like talking to someone with REAL tour experience.

She's been through the long plane flights, traveled from tournament to tournament, constructed and played out thousands of points, and had to perform under intense pressure with thousands of people watching her every move.

Oh yea, and she's won A LOT of matches too - against the best in the sport. Many are saying she's the next big thing!

So, to take advantage, all you'll need to do is call in using a private number I'll give you or listen online by simply clicking a button and turning up your computer speakers.

No matter which method you choose to use, if you order by midnight tonight, you will get to join this live session for free.

And she told us, she won't hold ANYTHING back. All her secrets and tricks she's learned along the way are fair game. So I recommend you have your best questions ready and in the mood to take good notes.


Session topics:

1) "Live Meet & Greet - Ask Burning Questions IN Real Time"

2) "Professional Mental Workout Routines That'll Make Sure You're Focused For Every Match!"


"Serious Player" Super Bonus #3-9   

355+ Page "TennisMindCamp Strategy Secrets 101" Ultimate E-book Edition (PDF). $115.95 Value.

Studies have shown when presented two or more modalities of learning, the results tend to appear much faster than only using one.

That being said,  I wanted to take another leap in making this course even more interactive, so your learning experience with me will be even more top-notch.

This is what I did.

I had a good friend of mine from the production studio listen to and transcribe all 19 hours of the powerful content so you wouldn't miss a beat.

But that's not all...

Not only do you have virtually word-for-word transcription, I've added tons of graphics and other extra goodies that can be used as great visuals.

So, you'll be able to view almost 400 pages of incredible exercises, visual diagrams of strategies as well as other mental tennis concepts.

This will definitely help bridge the gap between both the physical and auditory worlds of learning and make it stick that much more.

And since, you're so serious about elevating your game, you deserve a more than serious offer.

So, with your package, you'll receive a special link and dedicated code to the private area where you can download this guide.

Flip through the pages as you listen and take notes next to the enlarged illustrations ...after you complete these courses, everyone will be asking you how you did it!


"Serious Player" Super Bonus #10:
Official TennisMindCamp T-Shirt!   ($19.95 Value)., you'll be able to take the court in style with your official TennisMindCamp T-shirt.

Whether it's for your next match, practice session, or even relaxing at a live tennis event like the US Open, you'll be able to represent and let it all hang out for the TMC community. Just email me your size, and you're good to go!

Oh, but beware, you'll be getting a lot of stares when wearing this shirt. So no, you don't have anything stuck in your hair  or food stuck to your chin :).

Just know that it's because of the awesome skills of the logo designer... that's all!

"How Much?"


Now if you asked any decent coach to teach you all the information you'll be getting in this comprehensive 18.4 hour training course, you'd be looking at a bill of at least $900.

Ouch, I know! And that's just going by the average price of a lesson these days, $50 per hour.  I mean, even if you opened the phone book and dialed up the cheapest instructor you could find (...something I strongly recommend against), they would still command around $25 per  hour. And if you go to them for the same amount of time, you'll be saying good bye to a whopping $450.

Oh, and don't get me started on the hundreds of  "exclusive" camps that are out there - the one's that claim you'll be going one on one with the best when they really just make a quick appearance - never to be seen or heard from again.

Now, those are acceptable institutions, don't get me wrong.  And they may help you improve your game some. But you have to ask yourself, is it worth the hefty price tag?

Is it worth the airfare ($300 - $450 round trip), food and the on-site lodging or hotel stay  ($350 - $650) , or the up-front camp fee of ($750 to even $1,000).  Wow, you could very well be paying close to $2,100 for this umm... "exclusive training."

And then....

You've got to hope and pray they specialize in strategy along with mental tactics and toughness (...which they rarely do).

 Because to be quite honest, they'll probably just want to show you how to improve your (already up-to-par) ground strokes - which is something that's NOT going to get you winning results, CONSISTENTLY!

I'm telling you this, not to scare you, but to let you know that I could very well list this course with the asking price somewhere close to those figures mentioned above and still get tons of orders for the 18.4 hours of step-by-step training  --- and...

10 Super Bonuses: The TMC: Weakness Protection 101 Audio Series, The Ultimate (...7 in 1)  E-book Edition, The "Flow With a Pro" Live Training Session, and The Official TMC  T-shirt.

That's a $242.90 value in bonuses alone!


But listen, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount that this is all worth because I want to make sure that everyone who's interested in this incredible package can afford to take advantage.

This sensational resource Tennis Mind Camp 101 Strategy Secrets 101 is available to you as a downloadable box set directly accessible from the Internet.

This way, I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. And I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone.

This is why I can pass along my massive cost savings to you.  So you win and I win.

And don't worry, downloading the information inside Tennis Mind Camp 101 Strategy Secrets 101Audio Collection is a real snap.  I'm no "techno whiz" and I had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.)

So no, I'm not going to charge you
$1,186.90, even though that's close to what this comprehensive package and bonuses are worth.

I'm not going to charge you $50 an hour,  or even $25 per hour like the "cheapy" coach in the yellow pages --- In fact, your total investment for the entire Tennis Mind Camp 101 resource is just $97.

If you divide that by by 18...

...That's a measly $5.38 per hour!


But hey, you need to act soon because...

This Offer Won't Be Here Long!

I'm still really... *REALLY* nervous about giving this away at such a low price for too long. But I'm willing to keep it going for serious action takers and the players who want to see a dramatic improvement right away.

And I believe offering this incredible resource for this unbelievably low amount will help folks to help themselves by giving them an awesome incentive.

Because if this isn't an incentive, they need to give up tennis, because this sport will cost a lot more than $97 in equipment alone.

Now if you're not as serious as I thought you were, that's perfectly fine. No hard feelings. But after this "national introductory special" is over...

The next price change will increase this package to $159.95.

After that, the price will jump to $199.95.

Don't forget, the 10 free bonuses are worth more than double your investment in the Tennis Mind Camp SS101 -- but they're all yours absolutely free if you get your order in by 12AM midnight.  



Click here if you're ready to order this 18-hour package for just $97 through our online secure server


Don't Decide Now - Just Try Everything At My Risk


 You Are Fully Protected By My 100%
"No-Risk, No-Pressure" Guarantee

Tennis Mind Camp Strategy Secrets 101 comes with a 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If you use this course in its entirety, I personally guarantee that you will be winning more matches within the first 90 days. Otherwise, the bonuses are yours to keep. And you'll receive every penny of your money back.

Now, I know by making this incredible resource available for download, there's no way to ship back the course, and there will be some out there who would just ask for a refund no matter what, and really take advantage of what I'm trying to do here, give the serious players out there an affordable way to improve.

But that's a risk I'm willing to take to see to it that you achieve your goals. I designed this guarantee for the 99% of players who are honest like you, but naturally skeptical. This way, you can relax with no pressure and there's no risk on your end. It's all on me. - Brian Hall -- Head Coach



There is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on risk-free examination of the Tennis Mind Camp 101 Strategy Secrets 101 Collection . 

And even though the price  is an outright steal (about the cost of a night out: dinner and a play at your local theater), the most important thing is that you get results you can notice right away. If this was "just some other course," I wouldn't even being writing to you.


But when I created this course, I wanted to make sure that you're getting back in information and helpful resources & tools at least two to three times what you invest. That is always my #1 objective and  I sincerely believe this is one of the best values you'll ever come across.


Brian Hall, Head Coach


Here's How To Order Right Now!

1) Order Via PayPal:  If you have a Paypal Account, you may click here to send us a payment.

REMEMBER: Order by midnight and you will be guaranteed to receive all 10 "Serious Player" Super Bonuses.


I look forward to receiving your success story very soon.


Brian Hall, Head Coach


P.S. Don't forget --- I am including a 10 bonuses (totaling over $200) and special pricing for those who take me up on this today. I honestly don't know how long this will last.


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