About Us: Here at Tennis Mind Camp, we take your tennis playing seriously, and we want to make sure you get the results you want out there on the tennis court.

As a group, we’ve already been blessed to help literally hundreds of tennis players all around the world just like you to increase their winning percentage by almost double. But we didn’t want to stop there. Hundreds of satisfied people wasn’t enough. Our goal is to reach thousands or even more.

That’s why we’ve decided to create this one of a kind website, where everyone can instantly access tons of game-ready strategies (…in one centralized location) to help put them over the top. You shouldn’t have to go scouring and searching all over the net for information just to see your game improve. So from strategy on your volleys, to the ability to effortlessly hold your serve time and time again, as well as the very popular TMC tips of the week, it’ll all be here.

This expansion has given TennisMindCamp a much stronger reach and a better opportunity to help more aspiring tennis players like you achieve their goals. And that really makes us want to do back flips over the net because we feel anyone who picks up a racket should be able to play tennis and win the “easy way” without having to experience tough loss after tough loss trying to “will” their way to a victory.

The game of tennis has evolved tremendously since the sport began back in 1896, and that trial and error idea is a thing of the past. I’m glad that more and more players like you realize that tennis is a thinking man’s game more than anything else. Strategy is the true way to winning. And by digging deep into these professional tips, tricks, and strategies available on this site, you’ll begin to see your game drastically improve quicker than you thought possible!

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